ORBITON 65/105-60

Reference standard: PN-EN 14023:2011/Ap2:2020-02

Description of the product

ORBITON 65/105-60 modified bitumen is designed for use in hot mix wearing courses, within good mineral skeleton mixtures. It is produced using soft base bitumen with a high polymer content, which allows a product to be obtained with excellent low-temperature properties and elasticity. ORBITON 65/105-60 is characterised by higher penetration at 25°C in comparison to modified bitumen 45/80-65, and at the same time demonstrates high levels of cohesion and elasticity. The combination of those features renders the product a very good binder for thin-layered mixtures of non-continuous granulation. ​Such applications include PA, BBTM and AUTL mixes for thin wearing courses and SMA. Those are primarily special wearing courses and wearing courses used at low-temperature locations. This binder can also be used in bridge deck mixtures, whenever excellent elasticity of the binder is required.


Property Unit Test method Requrement
Penetration at 25°C
0.1 mm EN 1426 65 - 105
Softening point​ °C EN 1427 ≥ 60
Force ductility tested using ductilometer (50 mm/min) J/cm2 EN 13589
EN 13703
≥ 3 at 5°C
Tensile Test  at 5°C​ (100 mm/min)
J/cm2 EN 13587 NR
Vialit pendulum (impact test)
J/cm2 EN 13588 NR
Change of mass after hardening*
% m/m EN 12607-1 ≤ 0.5
Retained penetration at 25°C after hardening ​% EN 12607-1
EN 1426​
≥ 60
Softening point increase after hardening
°C EN 12607-1
EN 1426​7
≤ 10
Flash point
°C EN ISO 2592 ≥ 235
Fraass breaking point
°C EN 12593 ≤ -15
Elastic recovery at 25°C % EN 13398 ≥ 70
Elastic recovery at 10°C
% EN 13398
Plasticity range
EN 14023
​Drop in softening point​ after EN 12607-1
EN 12607-1
EN 1427
Elastic recovery at 25°C after EN 12607-1
% ​EN 12607-1
EN 13398
​≥ 60
​Elastic recovery at 10°C after EN 12607-1
% EN 12607-1
EN 13398
Storage stability – difference in softening point ​​​°C EN 13399
EN 1427
≤ 5
​Storage stability – difference​ in penetration
0.1 mm ​EN 13399
EN 14276

* – change of mass may be a positive or negative value
** – depending on the final use, only one method for determining cohesion should be chosen. The cohesion determination by the Vialit method (EN 13588) should only be chosen for bitumen for surface treatment
NR – No Requirement
TBR – To Be Reported