Paving Grade Bitumen 20/30

Reference standard: EN 12591:2009

Description of the product

Paving grade bitumen 20/30 is the hardest paving grade bitumen offered by ORLEN Group. Its high softening point and high sensitivity to low-temperature cracks renders it recommendable solely for the binder and base courses of high-stiffness modulus asphalt concrete (AC EME) in regions with suitable climate. Courses with bitumen 20/30 should not be left over the winter period without being covered with the next course. Additionally, for main roads, in WT-2 part I of 2014 [6] are given special requirements and climate zones where specific types of binders (paving grade 20/30 or polymer modified) are used in AC EME.


Property Unit Test method Requrement
Penetration at 25°C
0.1 mm EN 1426 20 - 30
Softening point​ °C EN 1427 55 - 63
Resistance to hardening at 163°C   EN 12607-1 (RTFOT method) -
Retained penetration​ % EN 12607-1​ (RTFOT method) ≥ 55
Increase in Softening point ​°C EN 12607-1​ (RTFOT method) ≤ 8
Change of mass* (absolute value) ​% EN 12607-1​ (RTFOT method) ≤ 0.5
Flash point °C EN ISO 2592 ≥ 240​
Solubility % (m/m) EN 12592 ≥ 99.0