For business


The ORLEN Group is investing in electric mobility by developing networks and building infrastructure for external customers and public EV charging stations in Poland. The Group’s portfolio includes wall-mounted chargers, AC charging stations and lamp post charging points. It is complemented by the public EV charging network, which is ORLEN Charge that integrates chargers across the ORLEN Group.


ORLEN CHARGE and ORLEN FLOTA are EV charging services for both retail and business customers. The chargers available in the ORLEN network are equipped with three connector types: two DC connectors (CCS and CHAdeMO) and one AC connector (Type 2). Most of the chargers are located at ORLEN petrol service stations. Vehicles can be charged in the ORLEN Charge vehicle charging network, and also as part of the ORLEN Flota programme.

Business customers are offered AC and DC charging stations and wall-mounted chargers. End-to-end service is ensured through technical support in the selection of equipment, implementation of design and construction work, which includes installing and supplying power to the charging station. In addition, the offer includes management and maintenance services for the station, as well as the possibility of including the station in the public ORLEN Charge network.

Key benefits

  • Comprehensive service – installation, branding, start-up, maintenance and 24/7 support, including services relating to ORLEN Charge payments;
  • Charging stations from reputed manufacturers;
  • As one of the largest charging networks in Poland ORLEN Charge is a reliable long-term partner.

An innovative option that completes our range of vehicle charging products are chargers installed in street lamp posts. This solution combines street lighting and electric mobility infrastructure. The power ‘saved’ by upgrading street lighting systems is effectively used to charge electric vehicles. An additional advantage is shorter time required to build the network and the network location itself, which overlaps with the area of demand for EV charging services. The chargers can be connected to the network of any distribution network operator (DSO) and can be installed anywhere in Poland. The target customers for this solution include:

  • local governments;
  • property developers;
  • housing cooperatives and communities;
  • employers;
  • tourist and hotel resorts.

The lamp post charging project has won the Wprost Innovators 2020 award in the ‘Energy’ category for Energa Oświetlenie. The service is part of the smart city project.