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Electricity trading and distribution

The ORLEN Group is a leader of the electricity sector in Poland. It offers its customers individually tailored products, the comfort of personalized service and security of supply. Our products are dedicated for large and micro enterprises, which complement our distribution services.


Trading in electricity across Poland

Energa Obrót is a company trading in electricity, with operations spanning all over Poland. Thanks to its many years’ experience and wide scale of operations, it can offer best products that directly meet customer needs. 

Trading in electricity on local markets

The ORLEN Group includes companies operating, based on the Group’s assets, trading in electricity on local markets. In the case of the production plant in Płock, it is ORLEN.


Specialised companies providing distribution services have an important role in the ORLEN Group structure. Distribution activities are carried out in strictly defined areas and are regulated by the Energy Regulatory Authority.

The companies engaging in distribution activities include: