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Energy-related products

Energy-related products include solutions that support optimum use of energy resources to increase energy efficiency. Lower operating costs and increased security promote competitiveness. The solutions we offer help identify the energy saving potential and build the image of an environmentally friendly company.

Energy efficiency and consulting services

High energy efficiency is a goal that can be achieved through conscious, rational and responsible use of energy resources. Our broad suite of services and customised approach supports customers in reaching their objectives across all areas of efficiency improvement, starting with mandatory energy audits of companies, through to the implementation of post-audit recommendations. 

Our portfolio of energy efficiency services includes:

  • energy audits;
  • energy efficiency audits;
  • visual representation of consumption profiles;
  • reactive power compensation;
  • metering system upgrades;
  • development of engineering designs;
  • construction of charging stations;
  • optimisation of consumption parameters;
  • consultancy on capacity charge relief.

Solutions enabling our customers to:

Reduce their costs of electricity, gas and heating after post-audit recommendations are implemented;

Learn more on their company's energy consumption;

Increase profitability by reducing costs of exceeding the reactive power limit;

Reduce the risk of failure due to overheating of protection systems or connection or short-circuit faults through inspections of transformer substations and electricity systems;

Use modern and effective tools for efficient management of energy utilities.

Demand side response (DSR) is a service where users temporarily reduce their electricity consumption against compensation to preserve stability of the national power system.

It can be implemented in different ways, including by:

  • rescheduling consumption;
  • reducing consumption;
  • generating electricity for own needs.

WORM is a free online platform where an entity that owns or controls a capacity obligation can announce its intention to buy or sell an obligation to provide all or part of contracted capacity. The platform is a mechanism offering benefits to capacity market participants. By selling its capacity obligation on the secondary market, for instance in the event of unplanned power plant maintenance, a company avoids paying penalties. On the other hand, other companies have an opportunity to earn additional revenue by buying this obligation, thus commercialising their excess capacity.

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Interior and exterior lighting systems

We offer a portfolio of lighting solutions. Our complete service package comprises designing, constructing and maintaining lighting infrastructure, including upgrades of exterior lighting systems.


Communication and connectivity

We offer solutions for businesses and institutions that need to ensure continuity of communication, for example in the event of power outages, with full confidentiality of traffic. The service is based on a TETRA communication system compliant with NCER regulation