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Solar photovoltaics

Solar PV installations generate savings from the moment they are put in use and provide energy independence. They are a viable response to the need to reduce CO2 emissions. Investment in solar photovoltaics means not only greater savings but also a positive perception of the company. It supports business development, operating costs reduction, and maintenance of competitive edge in the market.

EnerSOL! Solar PV sets

We offer solutions in the area of roof mounted or ground mounted solar panels. We provide:

  • cooperation with competent experts and engineers; 
  • assistance in the selection of components;
  • comprehensive support in selling energy produced by the unit;
  • consultancy on financing.

Power your business with solar energy

Lower your electricity bills

Control your business costs

Take care of your energy independence

Protect yourself from rising electricity prices

Earn money by selling surplus energy

Protect the environment

Opt for environmentally friendly solutions

Solar PV installations are a popular and efficient method of producing renewable energy. Investments in renewables not only generate savings but also increasingly contribute to an image of a green and innovative company. Renewable energy is nature-friendly and the way it is generated benefits the natural environment.


Solar PV installation

Do you run a medium or large company? Power your business with green energy! Request a free consultation and bring down your electricity bills!