C1 heavy fuel oil


The C1 heavy heating oil is obtained from vacuum residues, discoloured products, vacuum fractions from DRW (fractional distillation) and HOG (hydrodesulphurisation) processes, clarified oil from FKK (catalytic cracking installation), phurphurol extract, waste liquid distillation residues, post-pyrolysis oil, phenol and cumene tar. To achieve the required viscosity of the liquid, fractions of fuel oil from the processes are used as a thinner.

The product sulphur content is limited to 1%, by weight.
Heavy heating oil '1' is used as a fuel for firing central heating boilers, steam boilers, industrial furnaces and for technological purposes.  



Property Unit Value Test method
Density at 15 °C, max. kg/m³ * PN-EN ISO 12185
PN-EN ISO 3838
​Combustion value, min. ​MJ/kg 39,7 ​PN-C-04062
​Flash point, min. ​°C ​62,0 PN-EN ISO 2719
​​Kinematic viscosity at 100 °C, max. mm²/s 55,00 PN-EN ISO 3104
​Pour point, max. ​​°C​​ 40 ​PN-EN ISO 3016​
​Sulphur content, max. ​​%(m/m) 1,00 PN-EN ISO 8754
Impurities content, max. ​​%(m/m) 0,5 ​​PN-EN ISO 3735
​Water content, max. ​​%(V/V) 1,0 ​ASTM D 95
PN-EN ISO 9029
​​Ash residue, max. ​​%(m/m)​ ​​​0,20 PN-EN ISO 6245
Water extract acidity - neutral PN-84
C- 040064
Vanadium content, max. mg/kg 150 PN-77
C - 04029
* Not standardised. Value to be given in the test report.


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