Ekoterm Plus fuel oil


ORLEN makes every effort to ensure the highest quality and operational safety of its Ekoterm Plus fuel oils. To guarantee user comfort, Ekoterm Plus contains carefully selected components and additives which improve the heating fuel consumption rates and extend the lifespan of heating systems.

Ekoterm Plus complies with Polish standard PN-C-96024 Petroleum Products – Heating Oils in regard to the requirements for L-1 light heating oil, with the Minister of Energy's Regulation of December 1st 2016 on quality requirements concerning sulfur content in oils and on the types of systems and conditions in which heavy fuel oils can be used (Dz.U. of December 14th 2016, item 2008), and with the Minister of Finance's Regulation of August 20th 2010 on marking and dying of energy products (Dz.U. of 2010, No. 157, item 1054).


Ekoterm Plus is a modern heating fuel dedicated for use in home heating boilers, steam generators, and industrial and process furnaces.  It is a perfect source of heat in areas without access to a natural gas transmission network. 


Property Unit Specifications Test
Density at 15 °C kg/m³ - 860,0 PN-EN ISO 12185
PN-EN ISO 3675
​Calorific value ​MJ/kg 42,6 - ​PN-C-04062
​Flash point ​°C 56,0 - PN-EN ISO 2719
Viscosity at 20 °C mm²/s - 6,000 PN-EN ISO 3104
​Fractional composition:       ​PN-EN ISO 3405
​- ​​up to 250 °C ​%(V/V) - 65,0
- ​up to 350 °C ​%(V/V) 85,0 -
​Pour point ​​°C​​ - -20 ​PN-EN ISO 3016​
Cloud point ​​°C​​ ​*   PN-EN ISO 3015​​​
​Carbon residue (on 10% distillation residue) ​%(m/m) - 0,30 ​PN-EN ISO 10370
​Sulfur content ​​%(m/m) - 0,100 ​PN-EN ISO 8754
PN-EN ISO 14596
​​Water content ​mg/kg​ - 200 PN-EN ISO 12937
​​​​Total solid contamination ​​mg/kg - 24,0 PN-EN 12662
​​Ash residue ​​%(m/m)​ - 0,010 ​​PN-EN ISO 6245
Lubricity, corrected wear scar diameter (wsd 1,4) at 60°C µm - 460 PN-EN ISO 12156-1
​Oxidation stability ​​g/m³​ - 25 PN-ISO 12205
Colour** - ​Red Visual inspection
* Not subject to standardisation, value provided in compliance certificates.
** Ekoterm Plus fuel oil should contain red dye and a marker in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


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