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Liquid Sulphur

Liquid sulfur is obtained in the Claus process from hydrogen sulfide gases produced in refining processes.


Sulfur is used for manufacturing sulfuric acid, CS2 and sulfur dyes. Additionally, sulfur is used for the vulcanization of rubber and in the pulp and paper industry.


Parameter Unit Value Testing method
Sulfur content, min. % (m/m) 99.95 Own
Arsenic, max. % (m/m) 0.0001 Own
Selenium, max. % (m/m) 0.001 Own
Acids converted to sulfuric acid, max. % (m/m) 0.007 Own
Organic substances and ash, max. % (m/m) 0.02 Own
Hydrogen sulfide, max. mg/kg 10 ORLEN Laboratory nr. 020

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