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Ethylene oxide

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Ethylene oxide is obtained by direct oxidation of ethylene with oxygen in the presence of a silver catalyst. After extraction, the product is purified in the process of rectification. 


Ethylene oxide is used for manufacturing ethylene glycols, polyether polyols, ethanolamines, ethoxylates, and other organic syntheses.


Parameter Unit Value
Ethylene oxide content, min. % (m/m) 99.9
Water content, max. % (m/m) 0.01
Content of aldehydes calculated as acetaldehyde, max. % (m/m) 0.008
Acid content in terms of acetic acid, max. % (m/m) 0,002
Carbon dioxide content % (m/m) 0.0015
Non-volatile residue content % (m/m) 0.005
Color on the Pt-Co scale, max.   10


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