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PCV-based plasticized compounds

We have been operating on the cable compounds market since 1992. Due to frequent changes in the requirements of our partners dictated by the market situation, we have developed many cable recipes. Currently, our offer includes 40 types of cable compounds divided into two categories: shielding PVC and insulating PVC.

Plasticized compounds for general use (injection and extrusion) are widely used in the production of window seals, fencing elements, carpet strips, soft construction profiles and profiles for the automotive industry.

Advantages in terms of application

  • high resistance to weathering
  • high resistivity
  • high resistance at low temperatures (up to -40°C)
  • wide range of hardness
  • working temperaturę of the core 70-80°C
  • good mechanical properties

  • increased heat resistance
  • resistance to UV
  • good oil resistance  
  • low smoke emission
  • good fire resistance – LO up to 32

Technical compounds and dry-blends

Hard technical compounds are products widely used in construction, the furniture industry and electrical engineering. Due to their application, they can be divided into:

  • rigid compounds for construction profiles
  • rigid compounds for furniture edges and strips
  • rigid foamed compounds
  • rigid injection moulding compounds

Our machinery is equipped with a production line dedicated to the production of solid and foamed blends based on PVC. You can distinguish:

  • blends for window profiles
  • blends for small construction profiles
  • dry foamed blends
  • blends for drinking water installation pipes

Research facilities

We have a pilot installation that reflects the industrial production infrastructure. Thanks to it, we are able to test and implement new raw materials and develop innovative recipes in line with the expectations of our customers. The pilot installation used at ANWIL allows the production of small batches of the developed compounds and their testing, which significantly affects the speed of tests and the cost of conducting them. After achieving satisfactory results, production tests are launched on an industrial scale in accordance with the parameters and recipe obtained as a result of the testing.

We also use services of a specialized laboratory where we perform all necessary quality tests during the entire production process, both raw materials and products. Thanks to this, we ensure stable production and the highest quality of manufactured materials.

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