Plasticised Compounds

Dielectric properties of plasticised cable compounds (polwinit) its thermal resistence and good mechanical properties make it an ideal material for insulation and sheath cables and conductors.
It should be noted that most of the lead-stabilised compounds can also be offered as lead-free formulations. Some cable compounds, owning to their high quality and universal properties can be used for other applications like production of soft strips, furniture profiles and others. Separate kind of compounds, based on plasticised PVC are compounds for wire coating (fencing wires).

Range of usage of cable compounds:
Cable and all-purpose conductors:

  • high resistance to weathering
  • max. conductor operating temp. 70-90°C
  • high resistance at low temperatures (up to -40°C)
  • good resistance to heat agening
  • high resistivity
  • wide range of hardness
  • good mechanical properties
  • leaded and unleaded stabilization

Car conductors and group of wires:

  • high conductor operating temp. +105°C
  • good resistance to grinding
  • high resistance at low temperatures (up to -40°C)
  • high thermal stability
  • leaded and unleaded stabilization

Cables and specials conductors:

  • increased heat resistance
  • good oil resistance
  • resistance to engine petrol - LO up to 32
  • resistance to UV
  • low smoke generating
  • resistance to tropical conditions
  • leaded and unleaded stabilization

Other applications of plasticised compounds
Furniture profiles and strips, lino and fitted carpet strips:

  • high surface quality
  • wide range of hardness

Compounds for wire coating:

  • high resistance to weathering
  • resistance to UV (for choosen kind)
  • basic range of colours (green, brown, nature)

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