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HDPE LITEN is a linear polyethylene produced by ORLEN Unipetrol RPA using the following two technologies:

  • UNIPOL™ gas phase technology with a capacity of 200 kta, producing natural unimodal homopolymers, C4 and C6 copolymers
  • INNOVENE™ S slurry technology with a capacity of 270 kta, producing both unimodal and bimodal grades, homopolymers and C6 copolymers, in natural or black colour

HDPE LITEN is stabilized with an additive package that protects material during processing, extends its service life and modifies product application properties.

Basic properties and appearance:

HDPE LITEN® is a thermoplastic material, solid, odourless and tasteless at room temperature. It exhibits a high degree of crystallinity, high temperature stability and resistance to most chemicals.


HDPE LITEN is used in various industrial segments – Packaging, Construction, Consumer goods, Agriculture, Automotive and Pharma. Main applications are Extrusion blow moulding  such as bottles, containers and industrial tanks; Pipes extrusion for gas and water, conduits and cable ducts; as well as Injection moulded products such as crates, bins, houseware and toys.

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