Announcements for Bidders / Suppliers

User Rules for CONNECT

Dear Sir or Madam,


We are pleased to announce that as of 12.04.2018, out of concern for the highest quality of our services, we implemented the new User Rules for the CONNECT ORLEN Group Purchasing Platform.

These Rules specify the general terms and conditions for the use of the CONNECT ORLEN Group Purchasing Platform, including the registration of a new account in the system, cancellation of the account and technical support.

Before you continue, please read the contents of this document, available HERE ​

As a reminder, you may use the CONNECT system manuals prepared for you and available in the Rules and Manuals section

While you are at it, please spare some time to verify the validity of your registration and contact data in the CONNECT System User Profile, which will enable the GK ORLEN Companies to get to know the profile of your business and contact you.

Thank you for your attention and see you at the CONNECT Purchasing Platform!

Kind Regards,
The team of the Connect Purchasing Platform​​