No. 6/2019  |  20-03-2019

PKN ORLEN Management Board proposal regarding distribution of the Company’s net profit for 2018

PKN ORLEN S.A. (“Company”) hereby informs that the Company’s Management Board decided to propose to the Company’s Ordinary General Meeting to divide PKN ORLEN’s net profit for 2018 in the amount of PLN 5 434 149 842,17  in the following way:

- the amount of PLN 1 496 981 713,50 - for the dividend payment (PLN 3,5 per share),
- the remaining amount of PLN 3 937 168 128,67 - for the Company’s supplementary capital.

PKN ORLEN Management Board proposes 22 July 2019 as the dividend day and 5 August 2019 as the dividend payment date.

The Management Board recommendation will be presented to PKN ORLEN’s Ordinary General Meeting, which will make the final decision in this issue.