No. 39/2019  |  29-10-2019

Mr Roman Kusz has been appointed to the Supervisory Board of PKN ORLEN S.A.

PKN ORLEN S.A. (“Company”) announces that on 29 October 2019 the Director of the State Treasury Department in the Prime Minister Chancellery acting on behalf of the shareholder the State Treasury, according to § 8 item 2 point 1 of the Company’s Articles of Association appointed Mr Roman Kusz to the PKN ORLEN S.A. Supervisory Board.

Mr Roman Kusz in years 1987-1992 graduated the studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration at University of Silesia in Katowice. In years 1993-1997 he completed pupillage at the District Bar Council of Katowice. Since 1997 he conducts the legal practice.
In years 2007-2013 and since 2016 he holds the position of dean of the District Bar Council of Katowice.
Currently he holds the position of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Górnik Zabrze SSA in Zabrze and in term of office of 2018/2019 he held the position of secretary of Supervisory Board of Ekstraklasa S.A. in Warsaw.
Since 2017 he is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Voivodship Fund for Environment Protection in Katowice.
In February 2019 he was appointed as a member of the Council of University of Economics in Katowice.
Since 2014 he is an organizer and moderator of the legal discussion panel at the European Economic Congress in Katowice.
As a representative of the Supreme Bar Council and chairman of the Commission for External Image and Law Protection he was a co-organizer of the discussion panel „Advancing Law & Governance Contributions to Climate Action under the Paris Agreement" included in United Nations Climate Change conference that was held in 2018 in Katowice.
In 2018 he was honored with the Gold Cross of Merit of the Republic of Poland.

Mr Roman Kusz submitted statement that he is not involved in any activity competitive with PKN ORLEN S.A. and is not a partner of any competitive civil law partnership, partnership, capital company, is not a member of any board of a competitive capital company. He also stated that he is not on the list of insolvent debtors kept on record on the National Court Register Act.