No. 8/2021  |  25-03-2021

Bearer bonds issue of series D

PKN ORLEN S.A. (“Company") announces that on 25 March 2021 it has issued 10 000 unsecured, bearer bonds of series D with the total nominal value of PLN 1 000 000 000 (“Bonds”) within the Bond Issue Programme on the base of Agreement for a Bond Issue Programme, signed in Warsaw on 27 November 2006 (with subsequent annexes). 

The Bonds has been registered in the records kept by the issue agent within the meaning of Art. 7a par. 1 of Act on Trading in Financial Instruments dated 29 July 2005, whose function performs Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A. and according to the regulations will be registered in the deposit conducted by the Central Securities Depository of Poland. The Company may decide to introduce the Bonds to the alternative trading system on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Other parameters of the Bonds has been included in the Company’s regulatory announcement no 7/2021 dated 17 March 2021.

See also regulatory announcements: no 7/2021 dated 17 March 2021, no 64/2020 dated 22 December 2020, no 63/2020 dated 8 December 2020, no 56/2020 dated 28 October 2020, no 103/2018 dated 24 October 2018, no 102/2018 dated 24 October 2018, no 13/2007 dated 20 February 2007 and no 75/2006 dated 27 November 2006.