No. 34/2022  |  21-07-2022  |  11:56

EGM adopted resolutions regarding the merger of PKN ORLEN S.A. with Grupa LOTOS S.A.

PKN ORLEN S.A. (“Company”) informs that on 21 July 2022 Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company adopted resolutions regarding:


- merger between the Company and Grupa LOTOS S.A., registered office in Gdańsk (“Grupa LOTOS”), the increase of the Company’s share capital and the approval of the proposed amendments to the Company’s Statutes;




- consent for transfer of fuel storage terminals located in Gdańsk, Gutkowo, Szczecin and Bolesławiec by the Company, which constitute an organized part of enterprise of the Company, in the form of an in-kind contribution to cover shares in the increased share capital of LOTOS Terminale S.A. with its registered office in Czechowice-Dziedzice, which will remain a subsidiary of the Company as a result of the merger of the Company with Grupa LOTOS pursuant to Article 492 § 1(1) of the Code of Commercial Companies;


as presented to the Company’s shareholders in the regulatory announcement no 28/2022 dated 23 June 2022.


Full text of all resolutions adopted by the Company’s Extraordinary General Meeting as of 21 July 2022, together with information for each resolution regarding the number of shares for which votes have been validly cast, the proportion of the share capital represented by those votes, the total number of votes validly cast including the number of votes cast in favour of and against each resolution and the number of abstentions, will be published in separate regulatory announcement. 



See also: regulatory announcement no 26/2018 as of 27 February 2018, no 106/2018 as of 30 November 2018, no 31/2019 as of 3 July 2019, no 34/2019 as of 26 August 2019, no 42/2020 as of 14 July 2020, no 43/2020 as of 14 July 2020, no 45/2021 as of 12 November 2021, no 1/2022 as of 12 January 2022, no 2/2022 as of 12 January 2022, no 23/2022 as of 2 June 2022, no 24/2022 as of 2 June 2022, no 26/2022 as of 20 June 2022, no 27/2022 as of 23 June 2022, no 28/2022 as of 23 June 2022, no 29/2022 as of 4 July 2022, 32/2022 as of 20 July 2022 and 33/2022 as of 20 July 2022.