No. 33/2023  |  04-07-2023  |  10:51

ORLEN S.A. concluded agreement the execution of which will result in acquisition of petrol stations network in Austria

ORLEN S.A. („Company”, “ORLEN”) informs that on 4 July 2023 the Company concluded the agreement with Doppler Beteiligungs GmbH with its registered office in Wels, Austria resulting with acquisition of 100% of shares in  Doppler Energie GmbH with its registered office in Wels, Austria („Doppler Energie”) ("Agreement"). 

Doppler Energie is the operator of the Austrian network of petrol stations under the Turmöl brand. As a result of the Agreement execution, ORLEN Group will acquire 266 petrol stations, all located in Austria. Thanks to the transaction ORLEN is entering the new market in retail segment what is in line with expansion plans of the retail network provided in the Company’s strategy to 2030. The terms and conditions of the Agreement (including payment mechanism and price settlement) do not deviate from the terms and conditions commonly applicable to this type of agreements. 

The closing of the transaction will take place after fulfillment of the conditions described in the Agreement, including receiving approvals from the relevant antitrust authorities and is planned for the turn of 2023 and 2024.