No. 34/2023  |  07-07-2023  |  15:39

Setting the key terms and conditions of Eurobonds issue

ORLEN S.A. (the “Company") announces that on 7 July 2023 the Company’s Management Board decided to issue and set the key terms and conditions of the issue of series B of eurobonds („Eurobonds”) with the total nominal value of EUR 500,000,000, which will be issued under the medium-term Eurobonds programme established on 13 May 2021.


The Bonds will be issued on the following terms and conditions:

- The total nominal value of Eurobonds: EUR 500,000,000,

- Issue of 5,000 series B Eurobonds in registered form;

- Nominal value of one Eurobond: EUR 100,000;

- Issue price of one Eurobond: EUR 98,353;

- Maturity date: 7 years after the Eurobonds issue date;

- The Eurobonds will bear fixed rate interest of 4.750% per annum;

- The Eurobonds are not secured;

- The Eurobonds will be registered in the international system of securities registration maintained by Euroclear Bank SA/NV and/or Clearstream Banking SA;

- The Company will apply for the admission of the Eurobonds to trading on the regulated market of Euronext Dublin and the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


The detailed terms and conditions of the Eurobonds will be specified in the Final Terms of the Eurobonds.


Funds from the issuance of the Eurobonds will be used for financing of the day-to-day business of the Company.