No. 40/2023  |  11-09-2023  |  13:58 

Summary of the cost of issuing series B Eurobonds

ORLEN S.A. (“ORLEN”) hereby informs about the costs of issuance of 5 000 series B Eurobonds (“Eurobonds”) with the total nominal value of EUR 500 000 000, issued within the medium term eurobonds programme up to the amount of EUR 5 000 000 000 (“EMTN Programme”).

The costs of series B Eurobonds issue is estimated at the level of ca. PLN 8 463 th.

The above mentioned amount includes the following:

–        costs of preparing and conducting of the series B Eurobonds offer – PLN 6 699 th.,

–        costs of preparing/updating of prospectus including consulting costs – PLN 1 764 th.,

–        costs of promoting of the series B Eurobonds offer – PLN 0.

The average cost of the offers per one offered Eurobond will be calculated and published after completion of the EMTN Programme.

The Company did not incurred the costs of underwriters fees, due to the fact that no underwriting agreement was signed by ORLEN in connection with the offer of the Eurobonds.

The costs of series B issue were included as prepayments and will be systematically charged the financial result. As far as taxes are concerned the transaction costs constitute tax deductible costs and are charged as of the dates of their enter into books.

See also regulatory announcements: no 36/2023 as of 13 July 2023 and no 34/2023 as of 7 July 2023.