No. 32/2024  |  15-05-2024  | 15:48

Dismissal of the appeal in the case for annulment or repeal of the resolution of EGM of Grupa LOTOS S.A.

ORLEN S.A. (“ORLEN”, “Company”) informs that the Court of Appeal in Łódź, I Civil Division has today announced the verdict, in which it dismissed the appeal of shareholders of the former Grupa LOTOS S.A. (“Grupa LOTOS”) for annulment of Resolution No. 3 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Grupa LOTOS as of 20 July 2022 on the merger of the Company with Grupa LOTOS, an increase in the share capital of PKN ORLEN and consent to the proposed amendments to the Articles of Association of PKN ORLEN, together with a claim for potential repealing of this resolution.


The judgment is final.


See also: the regulatory announcement no 26/2023 as of 7 June 2023 and no 54/2022 as of 26 August 2022.