No. 36/2024  |  12-06-2024  | 19:39

Mr Marek Balawejder and Mr Artur Osuchowski appointed to the ORLEN S.A. Management Board

ORLEN S.A. (“Company”) announces that on 12 June 2024 the Company’s Supervisory Board appointed to the composition of the Company’s Management Board the following persons:

• Mr Marek Balawejder with effect on the start of the day of 1 August 2024 for the position of Member of the Management Board, Wholesale and Logistics,

• Mr Artur Osuchowski with effect on the start of the day of 13 June 2024 for the position of Member of the Management Board, Energy and Energy Transformation,

for the common term of office, which ends on the date of the Ordinary Shareholders Meeting that will approve the Company’s financial statement for 2025.


Mr Marek Balawejder

Manager with 30-year professional experience in multidimensional organizations management in companies like Pepsico, Polkomtel, Raiffeisen, Action and PKN ORLEN, as well as with experience in running own business in consulting and interim management model. He has a higher pedagogical education supplemented by postgraduate studies in management and marketing, as well as completed MBA studies and Advanced Management Program. He also completed the programme „The Advanced Certificate in Marketing” realized on the base of a licensed program of The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

During his professional career he held high director positions as well as acted as a President of the Management Board of companies from the key sectors, operating with the use of wholesale and retail channels, domestically and abroad.

As a President of the Management Board he was involved in the preparation of the strategy of trading and logistic process optimization in ORLEN Gaz, a leader in LNG wholesale, as well as an author of ORLEN Gaz and ORLEN Paliwa integration concept resulted in creation of the largest liquid fuels wholesale operator in Poland. As an advisor and Interim Manager he was involved in preparation of strategy, management models, implementation of new concepts for leading wholesale distributors of FMCG products like Metro Group or Eurocash, but also in sales processes in organizations dealing with renewable energy, used oil processing and LNG distribution.


Mr Artur Osuchowski

Manager with more than 20 years of experience in managing industrial companies with international reach.

In 2008-2019 he served as a member of the Management Board of Ciech S.A, where he was responsible among others for Soda Division, generating over 80% of Group EBITDA. He supervised key functional areas: sales, investor relations, M&A projects – including energy assets, corporate governance. He implemented strategic projects to restructure the Group and increase its value while meeting emission reductions and energy efficiency conditions, thanks to which Ciech Group has become a profitability leader among industrial concerns in Europe.

In 2021-2024 a Member of the Management Board of Ege Kimya Polska, implementing projects in the area of electromobility (development of production capacity of nickel and cobalt salts for the production of batteries for electric cars).

At the beginning of his professional career he worked at Raiffeissen Bank Polska and at international consulting companies: Ernst&Young Corporate Finance and KPMG Advisory, where he realized projects for the largest energy and industrial companies, operating in Central and Eastern Europe. Member of Supervisory Boards of companies quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, like Asseco Business Solutions, Benefit Systems, CI Games, Poltreg.


Mr Marek Balawejder and Mr Artur Osuchowski have submitted written statements that they will not be involved in any activity competitive with ORLEN and are not and will not be partners of any competitive civil law partnerships, partnerships, capital companies, will not be members of any boards of a competitive capital companies. They also stated that they are not on the list of insolvent debtors kept on record on the National Court Register Act.