Flagship projects

Sustainable development plays an important role in building a multi-utility group and implementing the ambitious agenda under the ORLEN2030 strategy. The new strategy is a response to the changes in our environment driven by the global climate crisis. It enhances resilience of our business models to climate change and its consequences across the value chain. Over the next decade, ORLEN will allocate around PLN 30 billion to sustainability projects, including new business models.

In order to achieve emissions neutrality by 2050, we are going to focus on the following objectives:

The Group’s renewable capacities are expected to reach more than 2.5 GW in 2030 (2019: > 0.5 GW), mainly as a result of rapid development of offshore and onshore wind and solar photovoltaic assets.

Currently, our key renewables project is the construction of an up to 1,200 MW offshore wind farm. It is an extremely complex venture, and ORLEN is one of the pioneers in this type of projects on the Polish market. ORLEN also plans to engage in further onshore wind farm and photovoltaic installation projects to increase the portfolio of such assets by at least 800 MW by 2030.

Within ten years, we will implement more than 60 projects increasing the energy efficiency of our existing production assets. The new projects will use the best and most emission-efficient technologies.

We intend to launch five large biofuel and biogas projects and thus grow our production capacities by more than six times by 2030.

The ORLEN Group is strengthening its position as a regional leader in alternative fuels by implementing a number of significant investment projects related to the manufacturing of biofuels such as HVO, co-HVO, UCOME, lignocellulose bioethanol and bio-methane, which are expected to increase our biofuel output by some 500 thousand tonnes annually by 2030.

Furthermore, a number of projects are being carried out under the ORLEN Południe’s strategy until 2025 with a view to transforming the plant into a biorefinery.

Leveraging the synergies with the Energa Group, the ORLEN Group seeks to expand its alternative fuel infrastructure and plans to operate more than 1,000 fast EV chargers by 2030.

The ORLEN Group will pursue comprehensive development of its production and distribution infrastructure and will promote growth of the hydrogen and alternative fuels market, especially in urban, long-distance and railway transport.

We will also invest in recycling and related circular economy activities, with a goal of reaching plastics recycling capacity of 0.3–0.4m tonnes by 2030.

The ORLEN Group intends to launch pilot projects for selected technologies supporting CO2 emissions reduction: green H2, CCS, biomethane.