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Good neighbour

Development stimulus for Płock and the surrounding communities

We strive to ensure that our own business development and changes we participate in translate into wider benefits for the surrounding communities. This is why our efforts to build a new, zero-carbon economy are based on partnerships with all stakeholder groups. 

Over 500 new jobs

PLN 160m per year in additional tax revenues for the local budget

Opportunity for local suppliers and other business partners

Contractors using locally sourced services

Our activities and stakeholder relations during the project implementation are defined in the Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP), a document outlining our commitments to the local communities affected by the Olefin Complex project. It defines how we will communicate with our stakeholders, what communication tools we will use and what mechanism we will put in place to collect feedback and complaints. We want our open approach to engaging with the local communities to foster mutual trust and pave the way for a good relationship.

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