Cooperation with National Museum in Warsaw

We are the proud patron of National Museum in Warsaw, one of the oldest and the biggest museums in Poland. 

Our support includes not only ongoing activities of the museum and the organization permanent and temporary exhibitions, but also special projects and educational initiatives. The collection of the museum contains approximately 830 thousands of Polish and foreign works of art, from the ancient to modern times. It includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, sketches, photography, numismatic coins, followed by applied arts and design. We aim to make them available to the widest possible audience, for this reason we engage in the promotion of the variety of events, from Polish Paintings Gallery, to the permanent exhibition displaying the latest examples of contemporary Polish design.

Last year, with ORLEN’s endorsement, National Digital Museum was launched. The museum’s collections are available online thanks to digitalisation. The project is heavily used – over 2 thousands users explore it daily. As a part of this project, more than 1000 webinars and online classes for international and Polish pupils took place.