Cooperation with The Polish Olympic and Paralympic Committees

We aim to motivate Poles to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle by supporting Polish Olympians and Paralympians.

Sport has been a key pillar of our long-term sponsoring strategy for years. We support Polish sportsmen and sportswomen in preparation for Olympic and Paralympic Games consistently and successfully.

In the past, ORLEN has been successfully supporting Polish Olympic Representation during Olympic Games in Turin (2006), Vancouver (200), London (2012), Rio de Janeiro (2016) and recently Tokyo (2020). In 2017, we expanded the scope of our cooperation and became a general sponsor of the Polish Olympic Committee and the Polish Olympic Representation. It is a great honour for us and a responsibility to millions of Poles for whom sport looms large. The engagement of ORLEN guarantees to Polish Olympic Committee and athletes a possibility for constant growth and reaching personal best scores. Our support also involves such Comitee’s arrangements as Olympic education, fostering the Olympians, promoting fair-play and a healthy, active lifestyle.

Being recognized as the main sponsor of Polish athletes and sports, we find ourselves obliged to support the athletes with disabilities. Since the 2012 Paralympic Games, ORLEN has been helping them through Fundacja ORLEN (ORLEN Foundation) assistance program “Pełnia życia” (trans. “Vivaciousness”). After outstanding scores during the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Fundacja ORLEN has covered with individual fostering many of the athletes. Today, 33 athletes receive grants.

In 2016, we became the sponsor of the Polish Paralympic Committee. Only in 2020, we carried out 30 projects, including ParaSki4Europe, as a part of our cooperation. As many as 150 athletes from 17 European countries participated in the initiative. As a result of the partnership with the Polish Paralympic Committee, we managed to organize many sports events such as the 10 Grand Prix and Polish Championships and four PE lessons with paraolimpian.