Middle Petroleum Distillate

The Middle Petroleum Distillate produced at ORLEN Południe is an ideal component of diesel oil and valued raw material for further processing. The Light Petroleum Distillate is used to produce Jet A1 fuel and in specific processes. Its great low-temperature properties make it a suitable component for Arctic diesel fuels. Both distillates are low in sulfur.


Low-sulfur Diesel fraction obtained in the course of straight-run, atmospheric processing of petroleum.

The Middle Petroleum Distillate

  • is an ideal Diesel fuel component, as it is characterized by low sulfur content
  • is also a valued raw material for further processing


  • feed for the Diesel fuel Hydrodesulfurization installation
  • ready-to-use component of fuel oil
  • raw material for specific processes

Transport and sales

  • sales in railway cisterns
  • cistern loading: from the top
  • the substance is governed by RID and ADR regulations regarding the carriage of dangerous goods

UN number: UN 3082


Transport hazard class(es):

ADR – class 9

RID – class 9

danger code: 90

Classification code/class: 9/M6

Packaging group: III

  • sales in the suspended and paid excise duty procedure
  • CN product code: 2710 19 31

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