ORLEsol 110/70

General features

ORLEsol 110/170 is a product with a low content of benzene and sulfur obtained from light hydrocarbon fractions.


  • in further chemical processes.

Physical protection:

  • sale in tank trucks,
  • is subject to the rules on the carriage of dangerous goods RID and ADR:
    • UN number (UN number): UN 1268,
    • correct UN shipping name: Petroleum products, I.N.O.,
    • transport hazard class(s): 3/F1,
    • hazard identification number: 33,
    • warning sticker: No. 3,
    • packing group: II,
    • environmental hazard: substance that threatens the environment,
    • special precautions for users: ADR special provision, 640D, S2, S20,
    • bulk transport in accordance with MarPOL Annex II and the IBC Code: not applicable,
  • loading: upper,
  • loading: from Monday to Friday from 6:00 to 18:00,
  • place of loading: the position in Jedlicze,
  • sale under the excise duty procedure suspended / exempt due to the intended use,
  • CN code: 2710 12 25.


​Required parametters
Density at 15°C,  [g/cm3] 
Mark in attests
Sulfur content​ max. [ppm (m/m)]
​Benzene content max. [ppm (m/m)]
​​Aromatic residue max. [% (m/m)]
​Mark in attests
​5% (v/v) destils, min. [°C]
​95% (v/v) destils, max. [°C]

Commercial contact

Maciej Niechaj


+48 665 444 843


Mariusz Kopciuch


+48 605 092 246


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