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Triethylene Glycol

Triethylene glycol is obtained in the process of ethylene oxide hydration as a by-product in the synthesis of monoethylene glycol (MEG).


Triethylene glycol is used for the dehydration of natural gas and natural gas liquids and for the production of plasticisers used in the production of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) polymers.


Parameter Unit Value Testing method
Triethylene glycol content, min. ​% (m/m) ​99 ASTM E 2409
​Water content, max. ​% (m/m) ​0.20 PN-ISO 760
Color, max. Hazen scale 20 ASTM D 1209
Acidity as acetic acid, max. % (m/m) 0.01 ASTM D 1613
Ash content, max. % (m/m) 0.01 ASTM D 482

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