Take care of your car

Be ready for the road!

A journey always has a purpose, sometimes we just want to reach a specific place. We often travel with the whole family. We travel to relax or to experience an amazing adventure. Regardless of the chosen destination, in order to achieve it, you need a vehicle that will work in all conditions. Professional tools are required for this. PLATINUM oil is one of them.

Look under the hood

Do you remember the last time the engine oil in your vehicle was changed? Maybe this is the right time?

Just remember that you will find a bottle of PLATINUM ORLEN OIL in small and large packages at every ORLEN fuel station. PLATINUM oils from the PRO, Max Expert and Classic lines meet the highest quality requirements set by passenger car manufacturers.

It is best to have the oil changed at a mechanical workshop. Look under the hood regularly, to check the oil level with a dipstick.

Act cool

When looking under the hood, do not forget to check the coolant level as well. Remember that water is not a good substitute for this. Use only intended products.

To enjoy a perfectly functioning cooling system, use the highest quality fluid. An easy solution will be to use PETRYGO fluid, which prevents the formation of sediment and scale, and guarantees excellent protection of the engine against overheating.

Oil for your motorcycle

Did you switch from a car to a motorbike? No problem! We can equip you with PLATINUM Rider oil.

The motorbike offer from ORLEN OIL provides a full range of essential products, which makes it a handy and accessible solution for motorcyclists. By choosing PLATINUM Rider brand, you receive a guarantee of problem-free work of your engine, no matter of weather conditions.

Don’t forget about a gearbox

ORLEN OIL offers a wide range of products for various types of gearboxes, both manual and automatic, power-shift systems, continuously variable CVT transmissions, gear and drive-axles.

The PLATINUM Gear product line allows you to save fuel, extend the oil change interval and ensure smooth gear changes at any temperature. Thanks to high-quality base oils and unique additive packages, PLATINUM Gear oils provide maximum protection of mating parts.

It’s all about the details

Car cosmetics and maintenance products are an important part of a vehicle's technical maintenance.

For real automotive enthusiasts, the PLATINUM IMPACT line of car cosmetics has been prepared.

This product line has been developed based on proven recipes. The ORLEN OIL offer facilitates cleaning, maintenance and protection of the bodywork, bumper wheels, and the interior of your car. Effortlessly and with the desired effect!

Safety first

There is no need to remind you how important brake fluid is. It is best to replace it every 2 years, or every time you replace the brake discs. Then which one to choose?

We can recommend ORLEN OIL DOT-4 fluid, which is ideal for heavily loaded systems — in cars, trucks, buses and trailers. When checking the fluid, also check the condition of the brake pads, they may be worn.


Do you run a business?

We prepared something for you! Our offer provides solutions tailored to you and your company’s needs. Take advantage of quick and secure transactions in Poland and abroad, discounts, simplified invoicing and deferred payment dates.