Reports and policies

Below you will find documents and key data for the ORLEN Group's sustainable development strategy.

Our GHG emissions

In line with its ORLEN2030 business strategy and its decarbonization strategy until 2050, the ORLEN Group introduces scope 3 into its environmental reporting, which allows total greenhouse gas emissions to be calculated. We publish information on our own emissions, those generated by suppliers and emissions related to the use of products by end users.


ORLEN Group Climate Policy

The ORLEN Group’s strategy is aligned with the global trends where the role of renewable energy and advanced petrochemicals is getting ever more prominent. Our objective is to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Planned progress towards this target is defined in our strategy and the ORLEN Group Climate Policy.

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Integrated report ORLEN 2022

It is a modern tool of communication between the company and the market, which meets the new regulations in the field of presentation of financial and non-financial data.

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Code of Ethics

The ORLEN Group Code of Ethics is a set of up-to-date, clear and practical rules of conduct that set ethical standards applicable to all ORLEN Group employees.

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Management systems

Our objective and ambition is to maintain the position of quality leader on the Polish and international markets.

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Human Rights Protection Policy

Respect for human rights in the ORLEN Group is implemented on the basis of internal regulations, national legislation and international standards.

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