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Sustainable development and responsibility

Our priority is sustainable development across all our activities, understood as care for future generations. In building the ORLEN Group’s position we attach equal importance to our business and CSR agendas. People and respect for human rights are the centre of our attention. We use natural resources so as not to disturb environmental balance. Because we feel responsible for other members of the communities where we operate, we engage in dialogue and support them in various areas of activity. This broad approach to responsibility requires the implementation of CSR activities across all business areas

CSR realizations

CSR activities involve educating stakeholders and inspiring in them a sense of social responsibility, protecting health and safety of employees, commitment to employee development, optimisation of environmental impacts, promoting ethical values, anti-corruption measures, respect for human rights, customer focus and responsiveness to customer needs, and building partnership-based relations with business partners.

Sustainable development plays an important role in building a multi-utility group and implementing the ambitious agenda under the ORLEN2030 strategy. The new business strategy is a response to the changes in our environment driven by the global climate crisis. It enhances resilience of our business models to climate change and its consequences across the value chain. Over the next decade, ORLEN will allocate around PLN 30 billion to sustainability projects, including new business models.

Our experience:

As part of the new Sustainable Development Strategy, ORLEN distinguishes three ESG pillars: environment, society and corporate governance. For the environmental pillar, the focus is on climate, climate risk management and the effective implementation of resource management practices. In the social pillar, the main point of interest is local communities, which are a constant and invaluable source of inspiration for our CSR activities. ORLEN uses its significant purchasing power in the region to promote the principles of sustainable development in value chains. The goal is to extend our responsibility for the entire product life cycle - including raw materials used, product development, production and use, and subsequent recycling. Our goal is also to promote the development of responsible consumption among our customers. Finally, in the area of ​​the management pillar, we focus on developing solutions to embed ESG in our management systems, adequate and transparent reporting, ethics and organizational values.

We launched the loyalty scheme for the Territorial Defence Force – In April 2020, ORLEN signed an agreement guaranteeing fuel discounts at all ORLEN service stations throughout Poland for soldiers-volunteers of the Territorial Defence Force. This enables them to engage even more effectively in the fight against the pandemic and in activities ensuring safety of all Polish citizens. The loyalty scheme was launched on May 1st 2020.

We launched the first edition ‘Health for Płock’ grant programme – The programme is addressed to non-governmental organisations and local government institutions operating in Płock, as well as in the Counties of Płock, Gostynin and Sierpc. As part of the project, applicants may receive grants for such purposes as the organisation of training, workshops and lectures on preventive healthcare.

The purpose of our #SupportingPoland campaign was to strengthen consumer attitudes and encourage Poles to make informed decisions and opt for products made in Poland. In this way, ORLEN supports the national economy and advocates the idea of modern economic patriotism. In June 2020, products made in Poland accounted for 85% of the non-fuel offering at ORLEN service stations.

We launched the second edition of the #GoodDriver campaign – ORLEN actively engages in a number of initiatives aimed at improving road safety. In 2020, the second edition of the #GoodDriver public awareness campaign was held to promote road safety rules, which were explained in an accessible manner by Robert Kubica, the campaign ambassador, together with the children of ORLEN employees from Płock and Warsaw – the stars of our advertising spots. As part of the campaign, four different spots were shown on TV and the internet, promoting the late merge (zipper) method and emergency corridor, pedestrians’ right of way at crosswalks, and drivers’ compliance with speed limits

We held two editions of the ‘Health City’ project – In 2019, two editions of the Health City took place: first at the Chemists’ Days event, second at ORLEN Arena in October. During the two-day event, participants had more than 10,000 examinations and consultations, including oncology and cardiology consultations, sensory screening tests in a special booth, and many more. The Health City also included an entertainment and relaxation zone for kids and adults. The event, addressed to ORLEN’s employees and residents of Płock and the surrounding areas, aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle as well as disease prevention.

We launched the first edition of the #GoodDriver campaign – Environmental protection, safety, health and support for local communities were the key points of focus of the Group’s #GoodDriver campaign. The aim was to demonstrate that even small changes can make a big difference for many people and for our environment. Every customer who chooses ORLEN service stations helps restore the peregrine falcon population, collect funds for the purchase of necessary equipment for firefighters and specialised medical equipment for Polish hospitals, and supports a scholarship programme for children from foster family group homes. The #GoodDriver campaign is an example of a project which builds our image of a socially responsible company, and at the same time strengths our ties with customers.

We launched the Comprehensive Programme for the Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment of Cancer and Respiratory System Diseases for Residents of the City and County of Płock – The project was initiated by ORLEN and is run by the National Institute of Oncology in partnership with the National Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases Research Institute under the auspices of the Ministry of Health. The project’s key objective is to undertake health promotion initiatives relating to respiratory system and cancer diseases, as well as to implement educational programmes on the causes of those diseases. Its goal is also to make the residents of Płock and surrounding areas aware of the need to change their lifestyle as this may significantly reduce the risk of illness.

We launched the ORLEN for Firefighters programme – As of January 1st 2019, firefighters from Voluntary Fire-Fighting Units included in the National Rescue and Fire-Fighting System may use the ORLEN loyalty scheme dedicated especially for them. The scheme participants are entitled to fuel discounts at the ORLEN and BLISKA service stations. 

We implemented a new formula for corporate volunteering at the ORLEN Group – As part of the corporate volunteering programme, our volunteers may participate in projects initiated by the ORLEN Foundation, but also carry out their own initiatives. The condition for submitting an initiative is the engagement of at least two employees of ORLEN or other Group companies. The maximum grant amount is PLN 3,000. Family members and friends may also join the project team.

We started the implementation of the ORLEN Group CSR Strategy until 2022 – Directions of our CSR activities are defined in the CSR strategy, which is aligned with the business strategy. In order to best implement the CSR Strategy, the actions undertaken within its framework are prioritised. In 2019–2020, the focus was on projects involving environmental protection, promotion of safety (including road safety), as well as promotion and protection of health, especially at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the fight against which ORLEN was actively involved. We also engage in projects supporting disease prevention as well as education on active and healthy lifestyles. Our employees and trading partners are guaranteed the best possible OHS conditions, and the production process safety is being constantly improved in order to ensure safe living conditions to the local communities. Another key element of corporate social responsibility is protection of the natural environment. Together with other ORLEN Group companies, ORLEN undertakes various initiatives to appeal to people’s environmental conscience, protect biodiversity and optimise business impacts.

We announced the first edition of the ‘My Place on Earth’ programme – ‘My Place on Earth’ is a nationwide grant programme to support the development of local communities, including by reaching small towns and encouraging activity of rural communities. Projects covered by grant applications could benefit such areas as sports, safety, education, history, culture, environmental protection, animal protection and sustainable development.

We announced the first edition of the ‘We keep watch! We remember!’ programme – The Programme gives the inhabitants of small homelands the opportunity to protect places of remembrance which have been left without any commemoration or need to be revitalised. Actions taken by local communities are real life lessons in history and patriotism. Non-governmental organisations and local government institutions across Poland may apply for co-financing for projects to revitalise Places of Remembrance in their local environment. The financial support is also available to cultural institutions, municipalities, schools, pre-schools, country housewives’ associations or parishes.

We joined the Partnership for Accessibility – On April 24th 2018, ORLEN joined the ‘Partnership for Accessibility’ making a commitment to deliver the objectives of the ‘Accessibility Plus’ programme, coordinated by the Ministry of Investment and Development and aiming to improve the standard of living and ensuring independence of all citizens, including persons with permanent or temporary impairments, as well as elderly people. This objective is achieved by improving the accessibility of public space, as well as communication, information and architectural services and products. Signing the agreement is a confirmation that in all aspects of its business ORLEN is guided by the principle of accessibility and equal treatment and seeks to promote equal opportunities both within the company and in those parts of its environment which it can influence and create.

We rolled out the ‘Tax Fair Play’ programme across the ORLEN service station chain The purpose of ORLEN’s Fair Play Tax campaign is to make customers aware of the advantages of fair tax practices and to reduce the risk that ‘empty invoices’ are issued based on receipts left by customers, which may lead to VAT fraud.

We joined the Partnership for the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in Poland – In 2017, ORLEN joined the Partnership for the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in Poland launched by the Ministry of Development and currently coordinated by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology. As a socially responsible company, ORLEN has engaged in the delivery of the 2030 Agenda and seeks to support the implementation of all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Goals include: sustainable cities and communities, affordable and clean energy, responsible production and consumption, quality education, decent work and economic growth. For more information, see www.mpit.gov.pl and www.un.org.pl.

We rolled out the ‘ORLEN Supplier Code of Conduct’ – As of April 2016, compliance with the Code is a mandatory criterion in the process of trading partner selection at ORLEN. The Supplier Code of Conduct is a standard applicable across the Group, promoting responsibility among external stakeholders and encouraging good practices among suppliers. The Company promotes social responsibility among its suppliers and seeks to work with trading partners who respect human rights and operate in compliance with the law, ensure safe and fair working conditions, follow the best standards of ethical conduct, and care for the environment.

We established the ORLEN Unipetrol Foundation –The Czech-based ORLEN Unipetrol Foundation operates a scholarship programme for students of secondary schools and universities providing life science and technology education, and a grant programme for secondary schools assisting them with the purchase of technical equipment and implementation of projects run by students as part of science clubs and workshops. The Foundation also organises the Magical Chemistry Day to present chemistry to primary and secondary school students in a fun way and as a modern and exciting field of science.

We published the first integrated report of the ORLEN Group for 2014 – The integrated report contains a summary of essential information on the Group’s current and planned activities, discussing the value creation process and risk management, showing how macro trends and the latest regulations are analysed, and giving a view of the broad range of the Group’s non-financial engagements.

We announced the CSR Strategy for ORLEN for 2015–2017 – ORLEN delivered the CSR Strategy for 2015–2017, which stated that the company’s value growth should be aligned with the interests of external stakeholders and rely on sustainable and responsible use of resources. In practice, this translates into incorporating corporate social responsibility principles in the process of planning business activities. The strategy pillars are as follows:

a.    Organisation, where the key goal is to build lasting relations with employees based on diversity, sense of security, development opportunities, as well as combining social and professional roles.

b.    Close Environment, where priority is given to developing social conscience and responsibility in buisness partners and customers through sharing best practices and knowledge, and implementing the highest CSR standards. Our activities in this area were centred around building the image of a responsible company, pursuing social outreach projects, promoting CSR concepts among stakeholders, and encouraging their responsibility.

c.    Distant environment, where ORLEN aspires to implement its strategy, promote innovation and set top industry standards in business ethics and environmental protection. Our initiatives were designed to grow new business areas, ensure that investment projects were carried out in a responsible manner, and set and promote ethical standards in business.

We received our first ‘The World's Most Ethical Company’ title – The distinction is awarded by an international independent panel of experts of the US-based Ethisphere Institute, the world leader in defining and promoting ethical standards in business. This year’s World’s Most Ethical Companies ranking features 135 companies representing 47 industries from 22 countries. The name of the award refers to ethics, but the candidate must also demonstrate a track record of effective and proven initiatives in such areas as corporate governance, compliance and risk management, health and safety, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, supplier verification, and anti-corruption measures. 

We set up the ANWIL for Włocławek Foundation – The ANWIL for Włocławek Foundation supports projects aimed at raising the level of education of the Włocławek residents, counteracting social and economic exclusion, improving the condition of the natural environment, preserving the historical heritage, as well as protecting and promoting health. In the seven years since its inception, the Foundation has donated over PLN 7.5m to 639 social outreach projects and awarded 241 education scholarships to talented youth from local schools. Statistically speaking, the Foundation has helped each resident of Włocławek as the number of its beneficiaries exceeded 101,000 over its operating history. The key programmes implemented by the Foundation include: The ‘Building Bridges’ grant competition seeking to counter social and economic exclusion; ‘Holidays with the Foundation’; ‘I Choose Sports’; ‘I Learn with ANWIL’; ‘Primi inter Pares’ scholarship programme; and ‘The Young with ANWIL’. For more information, see www.anwildlawloclawka.pl

We joined the ‘Declaration of Polish Businesses for Sustainable Development’ – In 2014, ORLEN signed the ‘Declaration of Polish Businesses for Sustainable Development’. By doing so, we joined the group of companies supporting the ‘Vision of Sustainable Development of Polish Businesses until 2050’. The document draws on the international initiative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

We received our first Top Employers Polska certificate – The Top Employers Institute is the global authority on recognising excellence in working conditions, which has certified and awarded the Top Employer title to over 1,500 organisations in 118 countries on five continents. The Top Employers programme allows businesses, among other things, to compare their HR practices with other certified employers and to adapt them to international standards. For more information, see www.top-employers.com.

We implemented the ‘Core Values and Standards of Conduct of ORLEN’– A code of ethics offering guidance on relations with our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, local communities, business partners and competitors. The document applies across the ORLEN Group.

We signed the ‘Declaration of Sustainable Development of Poland’s Energy Sector’ – The goal of this project is to bring together Polish businesses and integrate them around the idea of sustainable development. The document identifies key challenges and priority areas where businesses should take an active approach to supporting social and economic transition. 

We rolled out the Integrated Management System – In accordance with applicable laws and in keeping with the declared Integrated Management System Policy, we protect the life and health of all our employees by building a safe and healthy working environment for them.

We were included in the Respect Index of the Warsaw Stock Exchange for the first time – The Respect Index brings together companies managed in a responsible and sustainable manner. The index features constituents with high-quality reporting, investor relations and corporate governance. The first stock index of socially responsible companies in Central and Eastern Europe, Respect Index, debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in November 2009 and included 16 companies. For more information, see www.respectindex.pl.


We adopted the ORLEN Charitable Giving Policy to successfully deliver the CSR strategy. The Policy sets out the four priorities of the Company’s charitable involvement:

  • ORLEN for the environment – supporting initiatives related to rational shaping of the environment and sustainable management of natural resources, anti-pollution initiatives, initiatives designed to conserve and restore elements of the natural environment, and initiatives furthering the concept of circular economy.
  • ORLEN for society – supporting foster family group homes and young people leaving children’s homes, the socially excluded groups, including people with disabilities, initiatives to assist returnees and their families, and initiatives of local communities and local partners.
  • ORLEN for safety and health – supporting professional and voluntary rescue services, road safety stakeholders, medical institutions and facilities, and initiatives to promote healthy and active lifestyles.
  • ORLEN for sports, education and culture – supporting initiatives for the development of sports, education, science and young talents, initiatives for the conservation and restoration of historical monuments, and initiatives promoting Polish culture and history.

The Charitable Giving Policy also defines the principles of giving, using and accounting for gifts and donations. Charitable support is offered directly by the ORLEN Group and indirectly, through the ORLEN Foundation, ANWIL for Włocławek Foundation, ORLEN Unipetrol Foundation and Energa Foundation.

We launched the ‘ORLEN. Safe Roads’ programme – a long-term programme implemented by ORLEN with a view to improving safety on Polish roads. The programme’s main objective is to educate people on road safety, provide necessary tools to help them acquire knowledge, and to highlight good practices.

We launched the ‘ORLEN. Safe Roads’ programme a long-term programme implemented by ORLEN with a view to improving safety on Polish roads. The programme’s main objective is to educate people on road safety, provide necessary tools to help them acquire knowledge, and to highlight good practices.

We implemented the Code of Ethics – ORLEN was one of Poland’s first companies to introduce the Code of Ethics – a set of values to be followed by all employees across the Group. The document addressed ethical issues, including those relating to human rights, equal opportunities or anti-corruption measures. The Code also allowed our employees to clarify their doubts and to whistleblow identified irregularities to relevant authorities.

We published our first Corporate Social Responsibility report (CSR report) for 2002 ORLEN’s first CSR report presenting our CSR activities carried out in 2002.

Together with our partners, we set up the Grant Fund for Płock Foundation – ORLEN is a founder and benefactor of what is the country’s first such project built around a sectoral partnership, with company representatives actively participating in its activities as volunteers. The Foundation provides financial support to various local associations, clubs and foundations, aiding them in their efforts to improve the lives of Płock residents in all areas, from sports, through social welfare, to culture. The Foundation’s activities focus on grant competitions for projects initiated by local residents, formal groups and non-governmental organisations, which are consistent with the Strategy for Sustainable Development of the City of Płock and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Grant Fund for Płock was recognised as one of the best CSR projects in Poland, delivering the greatest value for the Polish society over the past three decades.

We established the ORLEN − GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation – the Foundation was registered on August 20th 2001 under the name ‘ORLEN – GIFT FROM THE HEART’ Foundation. In 2019, in order to highlight the connection with ORLEN, the foundation changed its name to the ORLEN Foundation.

We announced the first edition of the Fire-Fighting Unit Support Programme (currently the ORLEN for Firefighters programme’) – a nationwide programme run by the ORLEN Foundation and ORLEN since 2000, designed to support firefighters from state and voluntary fire-fighting units. Fire-fighting units may apply for grants to help them pay for fire-fighting equipment, as well as equipment used in water, flood, road, technical, medical, chemical, environmental and technical rope rescue operations. 

We joined the Responsible Care Programme – the Responsible Care Programme is a global initiative of the chemical industry, which requires chemical plants to work together towards continuous improvement of their health, safety and environmental performance and to communicate openly on their activities. In Poland, this environment action programme has been rolled out since 1992 under the auspices of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry, under the name ‘Responsibility and Care’ (Polish: ‘Odpowiedzialność i Troska’). It brings together companies operating in the chemical and related sectors, which voluntarily engage in environmental protection, health protection and process safety initiatives.

We established the Petrochem for the Children Foundation – Before the ORLEN Foundation was set up, in 1997 we established the Petrochem for the Children Foundation to help the children in need of specialist medical care and to support children’s healthcare facilities. In 1997−2002, the Petrochem for the Children Foundation financed the costs of surgeries, medical procedures and specialist examinations, costs of stay in hospitals, sanatoriums and rehabilitation centres, purchase of personal rehabilitation equipment, prostheses and other medical supplies.