Sustainable Development Goals

With future generations in mind

With future generations in mind, ORLEN engages in a wide range of CSR projects. They stem both from our internal regulations and from international acts, such as United Nations (UN) Resolution – 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.

The ORLEN Group’s projects are consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the 2030 Agenda is one of the pillars of our strategy. Given the wide range of ORLEN’s business activities, the Company’s initiatives support all 17 SDGs. We place particular focus on key and additional goals for the fuel and energy industry.

Sustainable Development Goals are interlinked and complementary. This means that our projects contribute to the achievement of more than one goal at the same time.

Key Sustainable Development Goals

Additional Sustainable Development Goals for the fuel and energy industry:

  • ORLEN participates in an awareness campaign promoting responsible consumption and UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Publication of ORLEN’s proprietary report ‘Petrochemicals have a future’
  • ORLEN as a partner of the ‘I Choose 590. Saturday for Poland’ campaign
  • ORLEN supports Polish businesses
  • ORLEN partners with over 170 Polish manufacturers
  • ORLEN is the largest distributor of fair trade products in Poland
  • ORLEN supports the government in combating informal trade in fuels
  • Publication of the ORLEN Group 2018 Integrated Report
  • ORLEN’s best practices in the FOB Report
  • Publication of ORLEN’s environmental brochure
  • Almost one million bees found home in an apiary located at the border of the ORLEN production plant and the Mazowiecki Agricultural Advisory Centre in Płock
  • ‘Bees in Human Life. Biodiversity and Protection’ conference
  • A falco cherrug’s eggs from the refinery to a museum
  • ‘#GoodDriver’ (#DobryKierowca) CSR campaign
  • ORLEN volunteers’ initiative in the Płock Forestry Agency
  • ‘Tree for a Bottle’ campaign
  • ORLEN Południe’s environmental investment projects

A socially responsible business

As a socially responsible company, we engage in initiatives which go beyond the scope of our business activity. We also run many other CSR projects, including those focusing on effective health care, promoting healthy lifestyles, combating poverty, raising awareness and reducing inequalities.

  • Health promotion project for residents of Płock and Płock county
  • Health City in Płock
  • Donation of specialist equipment to a hospital in Lipno
  • Fifth edition of Occupational Safety and Health Protection Days at the ORLEN Group
  • Anniversary ‘Race for New Life’ event
  • ORLEN Foundation’s support for Polish transplantology
  • Patients’ Day in Anin
  • ORLEN supports the government-sponsored School Sports Clubs programme
  • ‘Firefighters’ Day the Sporty Way’ in Rypin
  • Free swimming lessons in Płock
  • Meeting with World Champion Robert Korzeniowski in Płock
  • Verva Street Racing