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Dialogue in the interests of the environment and society

Responsibility and dialogue are the underlying principles of our stakeholder relations. We seek to build them on integrity, transparency, mutual respect and professionalism.

W trosce o jakość naszych relacji dostosowujemy częstotliwość i kanały komunikacji do charakterystyki i aktualnych oczekiwań wybranej grupy interesariuszy. Prowadzimy z nimi dialog i to od nich wiemy, jakie są ich potrzeby i co możemy zrobić, by Grupa ORLEN rosła w siłę. W listopadzie 2020 r. przeprowadziliśmy dialog z interesariuszami, by zweryfikować mapę interesariuszy:

Society and the environment are in the centre of our attention. We start and finish every activity with the same thought: are we doing enough for society and the environment? It is a basis of our day-to-day work. More specifically, we focus primarily on the needs of our inner-circle stakeholders, i.e. key stakeholders, as they help the ORLEN Group grow stronger. These individuals and entities have a direct influence on our operations, and determine our growth direction and methods. There are also important stakeholders, i.e. outer-circle stakeholders, who have an indirect impact on our operations.

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