Environment, society and governance

For the ORLEN Group, ESG is an important part of strategic management. ESG considerations are integrated into the ORLEN Group’s business strategy to enhance the Group’s financial performance and build long-term value for all stakeholders.


Climate governance is the central element of sustainable development at the ORLEN Group. Our management standards and systems have evolved towards strategic measures reducing the Group’s contribution to climate change and adapting business models to address the physical consequences of climate change for the Company’s assets.


Our priority is sustainable development across all our activities, understood as care for future generations. This means that in building the ORLEN Group’s position we attach equal importance to our business and CSR agendas.


As a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (“WSE”), ORLEN is required to comply with the corporate governance principles set forth in Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies. We are committed to enabling effective communication with investors, analysts and other capital market participants through a transparent information policy. We provide easy and equal access to published information.

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