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Sustainable business models can be a major growth driver for companies. 

Companies that are already running sustainable businesses perform better financially and receive better ratings from global rating agencies.

Accenture has evaluated metrics that determine business success. According to the analysed data, companies that deliver strong sustainability performance generate shareholder returns that are two to three times higher than those of companies which leave out sustainability in their business strategies.

Twin Transformation pays off double

Based on Accenture’s research and experience, companies embarking on Twin Transformation are 2.5 times more likely to be among Tomorrow’s Leaders. Twin Transformation is a process that combines the shift towards sustainable business with digital transformation.

The leading business trend in the 2010s was digital transformation. The key development since 2021 has been building business models that fit with sustainability priorities. There is a growing number of examples around the world of companies combining digital transformation with sustainability transition – Twin Transformers.

A survey was conducted among over 4,000 corporate executives worldwide, including Poland. The top strategic priorities for them over the next three years will be to step up digital transformation and sustainable business growth.

Most European companies are well prepared to join the Twin Transformation, but they need new business models to get ready to tackle the challenges beyond 2030, such as transition to carbon neutrality.

The key to success in energy transition is digitalisation – ambitious climate goals cannot be achieved without it

Tomorrow’s Leaders are companies with an agile approach to organisational management. They are highly competent in quick decision-making, flexibility of making changes, mindful risk-taking, and economic efficiency, as was demonstrated during the crisis. Sustainable transformation strategies make business models more resilient to both climate change and market crises.

Combining digital transformation with sustainability transition (Twin Transformation) will enable efficiency gains while supporting delivery of the carbon neutrality goal.

Advanced technology can play a key role in the efforts to accelerate progress toward a more sustainable future. In a joint UNGC-Accenture Strategy CEO study, three-quarters of respondents indicated they are investing in digital technologies to address sustainability challenges. The top five are big data, AI, IoT, cloud technologies and blockchain.

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