PKN ORLEN’s ESG rating improvement

​​PKN ORLEN delivers prime quality products and services, while striving to achieve maximum environmental neutrality, e...

05-10-2020 Press center

PKN ORLEN set to acquire all shares in Energa Group

​A tender offer has been announced by PKN ORLEN to buy a minority interest in the Energa Group to facilitate further ef...

22-09-2020 Press center

ORLEN to build first hydrogen refuelling stations on Czech market

​The ORLEN Group is engaged in consistent work to develop environmentally friendly hydrogen technologies. Construction o...

22-09-2020 Press center

PKN ORLEN to be emission-neutral by 2050

​PKN ORLEN is the first oil company in Central Europe to declare aspiration to achieve emission neutrality by 2050. In ...

09-09-2020 Press center

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