ESG – Society

We open up for the world and people's needs

In building the ORLEN Group’s position, we attach equal importance to our business and CSR agendas. Because we feel responsible for other members of the communities where we operate, we engage in dialogue and support them in various areas of activity. We value and support Polish culture, science and sports. We are proud that the way we operate contributes to bolstering Poland’s reputation abroad.

Our ambition is to best fulfil the role of a responsible corporate citizen and employer, a member of the community and a good neighbour. We declare our openness to the world around us, sensitivity to people’s needs and willingness to help. We seek to ensure that our activities effectively address the needs of local communities, bringing about real change in the lives of their target beneficiaries. We want our initiatives to be wide-ranging so that our charitable efforts reach all places where they are needed.

We provide fair and friendly working conditions for our employees. Our relations with internal stakeholders and the external business environment are based on integrity, respect in everyday relationships and on dialogue, cooperation and involvement of each staff member in building a culture consistent with the Company’s core values and Code of Ethics.

Care for the health and personal safety of employees and other stakeholders is an integral part of our organisational culture and business. In practice, this means that the Group does everything it can to prevent accidents, industrial failures, fires and other unwanted incidents.

A positive image of the ORLEN Group is created through genuine actions and conduct. Our responsibility towards trading partners is unchanging but flexible – we respond to new economic trends, business environment, technologies and communication tools. We know that by consolidating our position as a CSR leader, we attract valuable trading partners and instil in them our sense of responsibility.

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Climate governance is the central element of sustainable development at the ORLEN Group. Our management standards and systems have evolved towards strategic measures reducing the Group’s contribution to climate change and adapting business models to address the physical consequences of climate change for the Company’s assets.



As a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (“WSE”), ORLEN is required to comply with the corporate governance principles set forth in Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies. We are committed to enabling effective communication with investors, analysts and other capital market participants through a transparent information policy. We provide easy and equal access to published information.