ORLEN for Firefighters programme

A nationwide programme run by the ORLEN Foundation and ORLEN since 2000, designed to support firefighters from state and voluntary fire-fighting units. Fire-fighting units may apply for grants to help them pay for fire-fighting equipment, as well as equipment used in water, flood, road, technical, medical, chemical, environmental and technical rope rescue operations.

By supporting fire-fighting units, ORLEN contributes to greater safety all over Poland. Moreover, the development of voluntary fire-fighting units in many smaller locations translates into a significant development of local communities as the fire station buildings serve as their cultural centres. Support for firefighters, who put themselves at risk every day to protect the lives of others, is also a promotion of heroic virtue and values in society at large. Read more on the ORLEN Foundation website.

As of January 1st 2019, firefighters from Voluntary Fire-Fighting Units included in the National Rescue and Fire-Fighting System may use the ORLEN loyalty scheme dedicated especially for them. The scheme participants are entitled to fuel discounts at the ORLEN service stations. The scheme enjoys considerable interest among firefighters.