Liquified ethylene oxide

Ethylene oxide is obtained as a product of direct oxidation of ethylene with oxygen in the presence of silver as the catalyst. After extraction, the product is purified in the process of rectification. Ethylene oxide produced at our plant shows very high degree of purity (>99.9%.)
Ethylene oxide, due to its physicochemical properties (high reactivity, flammability, explosiveness and toxicity) requires particular care during transport, storage and handling. 

Ethylene oxide is used as a precursor in production of ethylene glycols, polyols (ethylene oxide polymers and co-polymers with propylene oxide), ethanolamines, ethoxylates of fatty alcohols and alkylphenols (non-ionic detergents), as well as in a number of organic syntheses.  


Appearance under normal conditions ethylene oxide is a colourless gas, heavier than the air, with a distinctive odour; for practical purposes it is stored and transported as a liquid, under pressure of nitrogen.
Molar mass 44.05
Boiling point 10.7°C
Freezing point -111°C (can form a hydrate with water, with FP 11°C)
Density at 0°C 9.01 kg/m3
Viscosity at 0°C 032 cP
Solubility soluble in water without limits, readily soluble in many organic solvents
Flash point
in open crucible
in closed crucible

Flammability limits in air 2.6% - 100% by volume
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