Contribution to the fight against COVID-19 pandemic

ORLEN and the ORLEN Foundation actively provided in-kind and financial support to help combat the COVID-19 epidemic, in particular to medical and uniformed services and hospitals tasked with saving the life and health of infected persons, as well as to staff and residents of nursing homes. Customers of ORLEN service stations could conveniently pay at the pump.

ORLEN’s prompt response to the crisis caused by the pandemic was acknowledged by the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC): the Company won the European RC Awards competition in the ‘Upholding and Reshaping Production Lines’ category, which assessed such initiatives as maintaining production throughout the crisis, accelerating production or converting production lines to meet growing demand for critical products. In 2020, the European RC Awards were presented for inspiring and effective initiatives offered by the Responsible Care Programme participants across Europe as support during the crisis. The assessment of the companies’ activities covered initiatives to protect employees and public health, maintain critical value chains, and support communities with appropriate solutions, products/processes, donations, etc.