#SupportingPoland campaign

ORLEN worked consistently to enhance its partnership with Polish producers, expanding the offering of Polish products available at its service stations both at home and abroad. The purpose of our #SupportingPoland campaign run in 2020 was to strengthen consumer attitudes and encourage Poles to make informed decisions and opt for products made in Poland. In this way, ORLEN supports the national economy and advocates the idea of modern economic patriotism. In June 2020, products made in Poland accounted for 85% of the non-fuel offering at ORLEN service stations in Poland, with the figure standing at 30% in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and at 20% in Lithuania. ORLEN is also selling Polish products in Germany. Consumer surveys indicate that 75% of Poles believe that Polish companies such as ORLEN should actively engage in promoting Polish manufacturers. Almost 90% of Poles feel encouraged to buy a product based on the information that it was made in Poland, and 80% of the respondents believe that Polish products are of higher quality and more environmentally friendly.